Welcome to the USS Independence!

Hello and welcome to the USS Independence!

I am Captain Zack Gillibrand, the commanding officer of this fine ship -- a NX class vessel that features the best technology that Earth has to offer. Launched in the year 2157 shortly before the Earth/Romulan War, the Independence served with distinction having participated in twenty major engagements including the pivotal Battle of Charon. The Independence barely survived that battle intact; once the armistice was signed, Independence returned to Copernicus Fleet Yards in Lunar orbit to begin several months of repair and refits. She was relaunched in late 2161 and was assigned to the Second Fleet based on Andoria.

The current year is 2163. The United Federation of Planets is still a very young organization, still trying to find its voice on a larger interstellar stage. The Romulan Empire stays behind the Neutral Zone, still licking their wounds and fuming over their defeat by upstart organizations like United Earth Starfleet and the Coalition. The Klingon Empire watches from their side of the border like a lion stalking a gazelle, waiting for the perfect opportunity to sink their fangs into the Federation's neck. And of course there are other smaller powers just itching to create trouble for the Federation.

If you would like more information about our ship and the time period in which we sim, please click on the Sim tab at the top of this page. the Personnel tab contains a complete listing of all shipboard positions and descriptions of their duties, as well as complete biographies of all current playing and nonplaying characters.

The Independence has a lot to offer fans of the Star Trek: Enterprise era, and we hope to continue the legacy of that program through creative story lines and highly developed characters.